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dang dang~ my baby vien
meet simon at there also lah,
we keep talk that he look like phoenix so much


me n yuchii



baby n yuchii ,
why baby so mou ku?


my baby sexy back~ haha

oh ya,
we found that we have a lalat at the same place



baby baby wo aii nii..
miss you much here

1 条评论:



ii love you
mwahss, enjoy the single life with babes
she's hot ytd.. wow is always..

Fatt Fatt n me

the 3rd day go club with babe
poppy again
there're still the same
always full of people
keep sweat
almost feel wanna faint la
i m not steady ytd
ii lost my phone lols....
but finally i found it under the table.
memang blur la me..
i m drunk ytd



Never let a day pass without saying I love you to the person who has your heart...

but i will never had a chance to say that to you again


what a sad case...

confusing @@

tonight poppy , quattro or pub.?
or just stay at home leh..
babe babe teach ha me..

tomorrow need to go for my undang test
7am le
i mst wake up at 6am
what the du =(
apa pun dak baca..
macam mana buat also dont know..
makan rojak better..

club again~~~~~

♥ Poppy night ♥


babe Vien n meyerrr.. look so fat in this pic =(

i was went to poppy ytd..
almost 2 months dint went there dy
there are still so many people larhs..
just like sandwish at there...
but still have fun at there..
on the way back home
vien n me keep kiss each other
sweet dou.

thx for sek bring me go san sam a...
ytd i phone him n talk those thing again
sorry about that.
i m blur = =
n i m still miss you so much